The long-term goal of The Titus School curriculum is to foster, enhance and develop well-rounded, capable individuals prepared to become lifelong learners, flexible thinkers, independent problem solvers, cooperative team members, good self-regulators, successful relationship builders, who are actively and engaged with their family and in their community.

Our educational approach emphasizes the active engagement of students, opportunity for individual and group exploration, a balance between adult-initiated and student-directed curriculum, and collaborative learning with the emphasis on the process rather than the product. Our therapeutic approach is designed to develop skills as well as prepare students to develop positive self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to work independently and with others.  Overall, our nurturing learning environment provides a safe place for students to interact with peers, problem solve and make connections between the developmentally appropriate curriculum and their world.

Our core academic curriculum includes six main components: literacy, math, science, social studies, current events, and social skills. These academic content areas are aligned with common core standards and age/grade level expectations, while allowing for accommodations for the individual needs of each student. We provide opportunities for varied levels of learning and participation, from emergent to mastery. Our content fosters individual and group learning through cooperation, multisensory experiences and a project-based approach. When material is presented and studied using a variety of different learning modalities each student has the opportunity to learn. The uniqueness of the curriculum is that it is not based on one methodology but draws from a variety of techniques and resources.