Education beyond the classroom for a life without limits.

Why Titus?

With tailored, academic programs that extend beyond the classroom, Titus School prepares any and all students, regardless of learning, behavioral, or medical challenges, for a higher quality of life.

Learning at Titus


Physical Education

Enrichment Classes

In Music and Art

Weekly Off-Site Experiences

educational experiences that correlate with classroom learning objectives

Titus Tale

Titus was founded by Natalie Brandefine and Tomiko Lyons in 2017. Tomi and Natalie met in 2015 while working at a 1:1 Therapeutic Program in Manhattan.  Armed with a passion for education, behavior, and innovation Tomi and Natalie set out to to provide high quality services to children and families with the experience and the support of a school and community. The Titus School aims to be the first and next step in the treatment and education of some of the most underserved children in the NYC area.